Seventh Ave

The digital neighborhood for our community.

about seventh ave

Pull up on 7th

Seventh Ave is a global community focused on creating experiences powered by voice. The Ave is our space to come create, imagine, and build in real-time.

How to use the Ave

The Ave is a social networking app, allowing communities to gather in audio chat rooms to discuss various topics.

Discover together

Use us a tool to share, connect, and learn together. Hop into experiences with friends to hang out or venture into spaces with strangers to create new perspectives and connections.

Our mission

Create a world wide community across the diaspora.

Spotlight untold and nuanced Black narratives.

Build tools, both digital + physical, that evangelize and empower our communities at scale.

Join the community on Seventh Ave today!

Together, we believe we can create a world that celebrates Blackness in all its forms.

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