7th Ave

is an all in one community platform for creators and web3 communities.

Why do we exist?

We want communities of color to stop feeling like a mere convenience or afterthought when it comes to our experience, knowledge, and need for belonging. Same as we’ve had to carve out our spaces in the physical world, we want to create the same safe space online.

Be Yourself

Show up authentically, because that’s enough


A community that YOU can make your own and own the data


Tap in with communities and experiences that make you feel at home

Replaces: Facebook groups, Discord, LinkedIn, & Slack


Chop it up with homies through group chats

Replaces: Groupme & text threads


Intimately engage via audio with as many people as you'd like

Replaces: Clubhouse & Twitter Spaces

Ask questions

Hear soundbite audio advice and perspectives from the community

Replaces: Google, Reddit, & Quora

Stay in the know

Discover offline and online events happening in your community

Replaces: Meetup

Join the community on 7th Ave today!

Together, we believe we can create a world that celebrates Blackness in all its forms.

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